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The purpose of collecting data via the form is to establish contact with the user so that we can inform him of the activities we are doing. All submitted data from the user may be used for the purposes of information, notification and promotion of the products and activities we perform. The user agrees to send information about our activities on a periodic basis. All customer information is strictly kept and only accessible to people who are required to do this. In no case will we deliver or disclose user data to third parties. Of this, there is an insight from the authorized services of the executive and judicial authorities of the Republic of Croatia for the purpose of investigative actions based on a valid court order. Hotel Laguna regularly gives users the option of choosing to use their data, including the possibility of deciding whether or not they want their data to be removed with
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SUBMISSION AND SOLUTION OF CONSUMER PROPOSALS – Notice of the manner in which consumer complaints are filed.

In accordance with Art. 6 items 3 of the Tourism Services Act (N.N., 130/17) we inform our esteemed guests that their objections to the quality of our services can be expressed in a written complaint in our premises at the moment we will without delay acknowledge receipt of the objection. An objection can also be sent by post to: Hotel Laguna dd, 10000 Zagreb, Kranjčevićeva 29, or fax +385 1 3820035, or to e-mail: manager@hotel-laguna.hr Reply to your written complaint we will give it in writing no later than 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint, so please give us your objection response address.